Best Online Poker Tools and Software

You already probably know that there are different types of poker software tools used by players nowadays.

However, the first thing to note here is that none of these tools will serve as a magic wand for you to win massive prizes at online poker sites. These tools are great to turn your entire online poker experience much better and boost your chances of securing a win.

If you are a new player just beginning to play poker online, then you will be forgiven for feeling a bit overwhelmed when looking at poker tools to help you in your gameplay.

That is where we at come in. To help you enhance your gaming experience at any poker table, we have compiled a list of the best poker tools. Let’s dive deeper into the specifics.

Poker Training Software

The first types of poker tools online players can use are poker training software. As for how any poker tool in this category works, it is very simple – they let you practice any online poker game and analyze your every move and help you form a better poker strategy.

By practising, you leave important information to the tracking software and it follows your entire online poker history to give you better suggestions.

Some premium poker tools will take all your hands and compare them against millions of hands played by winning online poker players.

You can also practice online poker tournaments and you will be able to retry any hand you wish to improve.

Furthermore, the more experienced player you are, the better and more complex information you will receive. This is because the tools will get tons of information from your side, so more analysis will be possible.

Getting the stats about your poker gaming experience will help you form a better game theory. Stats are always important in poker, and this is the best way to improve your game.

With all that being said, there are tons of poker training software tools that can be considered great, but we can recommend the following ones:

  • PokerSnowie
  • GTO Trainer
  • Leak Buster 2
  • Flopzilla
  • Power Equliab

Tracker Software

Up next, we have poker tracking tools that also work very simply:

  • They will track your gaming history
  • You will see your bankroll changes
  • You will get an analysis of your game
  • You will get information on how other players play
  • You will get information called leak detectors to know where you make mistakes
  • You can replay the most important hands
  • Heads-Up-Display (HUD) – you can see information live at poker rooms

Poker tracker tools will keep a record of each hand you play and all that information will be stored on your computer.

Therefore, you can follow your performance, see trends, and improve your poker strategy over time. So, you can just imagine how handy these poker software tools can be whenever you play real money online poker.

So, each time you complete any hand in poker rooms, that hand will be saved as a text file on your computer.

Hand histories can come in very handy as you will be able to make strategy-based decisions in your gameplay.

Any good poke tracking software will extract as much information as possible, so you can just imagine how big the potential is if you take analysis seriously. It is also important to note that poker tracking software is most commonly used by players whenever they play poker online games.

Additionally, this type of poker tool is allowed at all of the best online poker sites, with some limitations possible. An example of such a limitation is that you can only have hands in your database from hands you participated in. You cannot build a database from other people’s sessions.

Even so, it is known that the most experienced online poker players use these poker game apps. Once again, it cannot guarantee you wins, but your game theory poker will be much better.

Some of the better poker tracker tools you can find these days are:

  • Holdem Manager 3
  • Poker Hud
  • PokerTracker 4

Real-Time Assistance

The next type of poker software used by players falls under the category of real-time assistance tools. To explain shortly – anything that will assist you in your poker decision-making is considered to provide real-time assistance.

There are a couple of types of real-time assistance:

  • Automated – these will get information about poker hands, chip counts and bets from you and it will automatically run the simulation
  • Manual – here, you need to input information by yourself into the program

The most complex RTA systems will help you play a game theory optimal strategy, which is mathematical without a mistake. You will know how much you need to bet in a given situation in all poker rooms, or whether you should bet at all.

Playing like this will help you gain an edge over other players, and in poker, even the smallest margins can mean you making tons of money.

Playing game theory optimal is not anything new in the online poker world. There are tons of players that use this concept at poker tables, but you need to study it in detail before you start using it.

However, you need to know that not only complex GTO solvers provide RTA to players. It can also be enough for you to have a push/fold chart. That can also be considered RTA.

Some sites will ban this type of poker software, but some of the best RTA tools out there are:

  • Poker OCR
  • Alpha Poker
  • Poker Moose
  • Poker Reader

Poker Solvers

Up next we have poker solvers, which are very powerful poker tools that players can use in poker cash games. This is a type of poker tool that can generate game theory optimal strategies for poker.

Therefore, poker solvers are very popular among online poker players and they don’t require much system requirements as other tools.

Most of the mid and high-stakes online poker players use poker solvers as a good way to take their game to the next level.

Moreover, most experienced pros will admit that they use this type of poker software for a long time before they enjoy various types of poker games.

So, poker solvers are also recommended by experienced players for high-stakes games and big tournaments. This is because in these games you play against other players who are on a very high level themselves.

They will watch every move you make and they will base their own poker strategies on what they notice about your gameplay.

Another reason why we at BestPoker will recommend you use poker solvers only for big-stakes games is that the player pool there will be quite lower.

Unlike micro-stakes games, here, you will probably play against a handful of opponents every day, no matter the site you play. These are all serious players and there will be a lot of mind games going on at any table selection.

So, you will need to constantly mix up your strategy to keep opponents guessing and stop them from getting useful information about your moves.

As you would imagine, the situation is completely opposite at micro-stakes tables. There are thousands of players at some big sites, so you won’t get to play against the same opponents each day.

Additionally, these tables contain plenty of new players, and they rarely analyze or use any poker software.

This means that a poker solver is only handy if you play high-stakes games. There is a free version of good solvers, so it costs nothing to give it a try if you plan on playing for big bucks.

With all that being said, some of the best poker solver tools are:

  • PioSolver
  • Simple Postflop
  • Monker Solver
  • GTO+

Analytic Tools

You would have guessed it by now, the more serious you are about a poker game, the more tools you will need to assist your gameplay.

For that reason, you will be best advised to get an analytic tool that will cover your needs, no matter the type of player you are.

With a tool like this, you will make more educated and better decisions on which poker game to play and what to do in specific scenarios. Analytic tools will help you compare stats and know exactly where you stand in your quest to reach new levels:

  • You can compare your data and find your strengths and weaknesses
  • You can get an overview of your hand histories and you can review them at any time. It can be shared by text or video
  • You can track your bankroll with currency management options

At the end of the day, poker is essentially about knowing which hands to play and how to bet. There is plenty of content to go through to know it all, and poker analytic tools can give you all the information you need.

Bankroll Tools

Arguably one of the most important aspects you need to remember if you look to become a poker pro is that you need proper bankroll management principles. Having just skills to play poker is not enough, you need discipline and money management skills.

There are cases of world-class players that go broke sometimes, and that is something beginners need to learn from.

Some players don’t have a bankroll strategy, while others know how to manage a bankroll, but they don’t have the discipline to follow through.

At the end of the day, improper bankroll management can prevent you from moving up in stakes.

But, as always, there are solutions for this problem, as there are different bankroll management tools you can use.

As an example, some of the best bankroll tools will determine which buy-in level you should play at, based on your current bankroll. All you need to do is enter your current bankroll and the tool will do the calculations by itself.

Bankroll management has proved to be a struggle for many punters. The reason for that is that it is easy to learn the rules of bankroll management, but it is hard to have the discipline to stay within the rules.

For that reason, we at BestPoker can recommend you the following poker analysis tools:

  • Tilt Breaker
  • Fergulator
  • Poker Stack
  • Poker Bankroll Tracker

It doesn’t matter if you play Texas Hold’em with your friends, or you take part in poker tournaments – you could use a helping hand with your bankroll management.

Poker Tools for Ranges

Another very important ability to have as a poker player is to know how to identify and read poker ranges.

Of course, in any poker game, you play you have incomplete information and you almost never know which two hole cards your opponent has. However, with tools that will help you form logical deduction, you can have a general idea of your opponent’s range and use that information to secure a profit.

If we were to define range simply – it is a collection of all possible hands a punter can have in a given moment. A range can be done preflop and postflop.

You can start by building your opponent’s preflop range and continue as they take action based on their hand.

This is where poker range tools can come in very handy. If you are all about seeing your chances of winning, you will be delighted with software of this kind.

Of course, poker positions do matter as you can take better action against your opponents, but knowing their range is vital as well. A tool like this can break down the types of combinations that an opponent might have, and you can make better-informed decisions.

These are also good tools for live poker, but you need to practice first before you dive into such games.

With all that in mind, which poker range tools do BestPoker’s experts think are the best? We can recommend the following ones for every type of poker player:

  • Rangor
  • Poker Range Analysis
  • PokerRanger
  • Range Manager

Tools For Live Poker

Over the past few years, the game of poker has seen a tremendous evolution. There are certain concepts and even poker expressions that have changed a lot.

So, you need a much deeper understanding of the game itself and how you can gain a bit more advantage over other players. In any poker variant, the smallest margins matter and nowadays we witness various tools that have changed online and live poker games for good.

Some players even argue that the entire game of poker has got much tougher. We at tend to agree with that claim, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot take advantage.

The good news is that no matter whether you play live or online poker, you can use various poker tools that are sure to help you with your gameplay.

Even if you are a complete newbie in poker, you can get started with cheat sheets for poker and build up towards other, more complex poker tools from there.

Some of the best tools you can use when you play live poker are the following:

  • Holdem Manager
  • Poker HUD
  • Red Chip Poker
  • Poker Income
  • Poker Timer

Equity Calculators

Finally, we finish up with an understanding of what odds calculator means in the world of poker. As the name suggests, an odds calculator will calculate your chances of you having a winning hand.

You can run any scenario that you see at the poker table. An equity calculator will tell you the chances of winning based on the cards you have and the pot odds at the moment. To put it even more simply – your equity will be calculated based on your percentage of winning to the amount currently in the pot.

To figure out what your equity is, you need an odds calculator first to see your pot odds. This is how an equity calculator is used, and as you can imagine, it is a very powerful tool to utilize.

It is very difficult to determine which one is the best equity calculator out there, but we can recommend the following ones to all our readers:

  • Poker Equity Calculator Holdem
  • Equilab
  • Ace Poker Solutions
  • Pro Poker Tools
  • Pokerstove

All of these tools are compatible with mobile devices, so you can use them at any time and any place, as you see fit. They can also let you experience them on a free trial, so you can see whether you like them or not.

Overall, equity calculators are very useful, especially for newbies in the poker world. Once you learn players’ ranges and odds, you can continue to see whether your poker hand has enough equity to call.


At the end of the day, we can say that there are various poker tools that can help you increase your odds of winning in any game you play.

Poker has evolved a lot, and so has technology. Nowadays, all poker tools can be used from any device and at any time, so it comes as no surprise to see their surge in popularity.

Even the most experienced punters in the world will tell you that they spend hours and hours away from tables to boost their knowledge of the game. All of them are known to use poker software that tells you what to do whenever you play the game.

So, if you wish to reach higher levels in your poker gaming experience, you need the best poker software for that.