Poker Freerolls

Playing poker games brings a unique excitement to every poker player that is engaged in this form of gambling. You can play poker at any land-based or online casino, as well as at the poker site that is specially designed for this type of online gambling.

It goes without saying that poker tournaments are the most exciting gambling tournaments in the world, regardless if they are played online or at a physical location. Poker players enjoy competing against each other, especially when prize money is evolved.

One of the most popular types of poker tournaments is the freerolls, which tend to attract many players from numerous countries. Below we will reveal everything there is to know about the poker freerolls so you know what to expect from them.

What Are Freeroll Poker Tournaments?

Freeroll tournaments are a type of poker tournament that doesn’t require the players to deposit an entry fee in order to compete for real money prizes.

Certain free online poker sites will offer tickets to their members for their featured online poker tournaments, but the majority of them require no deposit. Beginners find the freeroll tournaments as a chance to learn how to play poker and possibly win some real money.

Freeroll poker sites are organizing weekly and monthly freerolls online, while some sites are known for arranging daily freerolls.

Before playing at a poker freeroll tournament you need to know that it will be made out of several levels. Each of the freerolls levels features blinds and ante bets, and they will reward a couple of players with cash prizes when the freeroll tournaments are over.

However, the bonus money received from the freerolls poker rooms won’t be an enormous sum. For that reason, you won’t find the best and most experienced players at a freeroll tournament, which gives you a good chance of winning.

How Can I Take Part in Free Poker Tournaments?

Taking part in a poker freeroll tournament is a very simple task that will only take a couple of minutes of your time to set up.

The first step is to find an online poker site that organizes a poker freeroll on their poker website. You can find the best freeroll poker sites at the featured BestPoker site.

Then you will need to register and verify an account at the casino site, which will require some personal information and some other information. Next up, log in to the online poker room and head to the Tournaments section.

There you will look for free online poker tournaments and choose one that offers the biggest prize pool. You will need to “buy” tournament tickets in order to participate in the free tournaments. That can be done by clicking on one of the freerolls.

The last step is to wait for the free online poker tournament to start, which can be within a couple of hours or days from the registration.

It is worth noting that some free poker tournaments may require you to download certain poker software.

Best Poker Sites for Freerolls

There are many online poker sites for freerolls on the market, but not every one of them is worth trying out. The best poker sites with freerolls are organizing freerolls on a daily and weekly basis, so the players can have more chances for claiming real money.

Also, the biggest poker sites are making sure to attach generous prize pool rewards to their freerolls. Without further ado, here are the best online poker sites that feature freerolls.

  1. WSOP
  2. 888Poker
  3. partypoker
  4. PokerStar
  5. GGpoker
  6. Poker Bros
  7. BetOnline
  8. Bovada
  9. TigerGaming
  10. PokerKing
  11. Americas Cardoom
  12. EveryGame

What Are the Best Freeroll Tournaments?

There are several types of real money freerolls featured at poker sites and every single one of them is unique in its own way. The poker sites and poker apps are using them to target a specific type of player that wants to play poker freerolls.

Here are the best poker freerolls where you can enjoy poker games for a portion of a prize pool:

  • Satellite freeroll poker tournament
  • Private free tournament
  • Exclusive freerolls
  • Weekly freerolls
  • New player freerolls

Satellite Freerolls

The satellite freerolls are free tournaments without a monetary prize pool, as the reward for winning the tournaments is a ticket for a bigger real-money tournament.

These free rolls can be one-demand tournaments, starting when a certain number of players have entered, or organized depending on the actual reward. You can play freerolls such as these at many sites, where the prize is entering into another phase of the tournament.

A freeroll such as this is a great way for non-VIP players to make their way into high-roller poker room tournaments. It is worth noting that the prize is usually entering an exclusive free poker tournament where you can play online poker for real money.

Private Freerolls

There are many password-protected events that are organized by poker sites, which are called private freerolls. These freeroll tournaments require the players to provide a password in order to enter the real money tournament.

An entry fee isn’t required in order to play the poker variations, but they will need to register an account at a certain poker site in order to claim the freeroll password.

Playing online poker at these unique freeroll tournaments is quite exciting as you get to compete against other players from the same poker site.

Exclusive Freerolls

Exclusive freerolls are special tournaments where only the players that are offered a ticket compete in this free poker tournament. The tickets are usually offered to specific players that are playing casino games at an online casino or poker site.

You can also find freerolls such as this opened only to players from certain regions. Some players will be obligated to sign in to a free poker room through an affiliate link.

There are many exclusive freeroll tournaments that are only reserved for the VIP players that are part of a loyalty program. But, the players must reach a certain level on that loyalty program by wagering real money to be able to get an invitation.

Weekly Freerolls

The weekly freeroll tournaments are taking place once a week on the same day of the week. These are the most common freerolls that can be found online and they can feature several poker variants, apart from Texas Holdem poker.

They are also no deposit tournaments where the play money is free chips and the prize pool is split among the winners. To enter such free play tournaments you will need to register an account at the featured gaming site.

Apart from the real money that you can win by using the play money, you can also win tickets for other tournaments.

New Players Freerolls

Last but not least, we have the new players’ freerolls that are offered by many gaming sites. These offers work similarly to the welcome deposit bonus at casino sites. They are offered only to newly registered players as a way to welcome them onto the gambling platform.

Newly registered players can play real money games such as Omaha poker and boost their bankroll without spending any of their own money. The new players’ freerolls are usually only accessible during the course of a week, but some sites might organize them on a monthly basis.

Online gaming sites tend to attract many new players with these kinds of freerolls, as they feature some decent rewards and a user-friendly poker client.

Freeroll Passwords – Where to Get Them?

In order to participate in a private freeroll tournament you will need to get a password. After you’ve got a password, you will be allowed to enter the tournament and play free online poker.

But, how do you get the poker freeroll passwords? First of all, you will need to find a site that organizes password-protected freerolls where you can play free poker. On you will find multiple sites where you can get a password for a freeroll tournament.

After choosing a site that features these kinds of tournaments you will need to register an account and verify it. Then you will be provided with a password for the featured cash games tournaments.

However, you will receive the password every week, usually two to three hours before the start of the tournament. To get the free tournament play money you must be online at the exact time frame.

The passwords are designed in order to keep the tournament a private event for the members of a specific gaming site. It is a good way to restrict the number of players that can enter.

Freeroll Poker Strategies

In the freerolls, you get to compete with your play money against many inexperienced players that are usually very impatient. That means that with a good strategy and an understanding of the game you can win against any player.

As a way to help you master the free cash games tournaments, our team of experts has put together some poker tips and strategies that you can use. Below we will mention and describe some of the best freeroll poker strategies.

Try Limping

In any poker game, it is always a reliable and good choice to try and limp in order to see a flop while wagering in a tournament with a prize pool. Try using some cheap flops during the early stages of the game and hit the opponents with a decent hand to win the round.

Dominate the Inactive Players

At any freeroll tournament, you will come across many players who won’t look very interested in the game. As this might be upsetting for some players, it may go in your favor if you manage to raise and steal their blinds and raised money from them.

Aggressive Play

Playing aggressively in poker will always be a winning strategy in poker, as long as you know what you’re doing. The fact that in a freeroll tournament the chips are free, gives you more freedom to play more risky hands. Don’t be too radical with your moves in this type of tournament.

Start the Tournament Tight

As there are many inexperienced players wagering on these tournaments, many of them will start off with crazy bets and even go all in. It is important not to fall into this trap, remain calm, and start the rounds tightly.

Play Mercilessly With Big Pairs

Playing big with hands such as double Ks or double As comes with the opportunity to make a big raise or even go all in. With it, the amateur players might call the raise or some of the more experienced players will think that they also have a chance of winning. Whoever calls the raise will more likely lose the round.

Frequently asked questions

How to win online poker freerolls?

In order to win an online poker freeroll you will need to practice your poker game and find a freeroll tournament that doesn’t feature well-experienced players.

Can I win real money on freeroll poker games?

Yes, the majority of freerolls that can be found online come with a prize pool that in the end is split among the last few players. It is worth noting that the prizes won from these tournaments won’t be very big.

What poker site has the best freerolls?

The most reputable poker sites will often organize the best freerolls where the prize pools are more generous when compared to the other sites. They are also offering numerous freerolls to choose from.

Why do poker rooms do freerolls?

Poker rooms offer freerolls as a way to attract new players and to offer low rollers a chance to win some extra money without spending any of their own. That way a poker room will gain many new customers that will continue playing their featured cash games.

Can I actually play freeroll poker tournaments for free?

Yes, these poker freeroll tournaments don’t require any entry fee or additional fees from the players that want to participate. They are in a way similar to the free spins from slot machines, where you can get real money without spending your own.

What is a freeroll buy-in?

A freeroll buy-in is a no deposit tournament that doesn’t require the interested players any entry fee in order to participate in the event.